Flickeringmyth - Feb 23, 2021
In an in-depth piece on Zack Snyder’s Justice League over at Vanity Fair, it was reported that Snyder has reshot the ending of his DC blockbuster for the...
DelmarvaNow on MSN.com - Feb 24, 2021
Officials estimate the sewer pipe rupture that sent wastewater flowing into the St. Jones River in Kent County last week was in the millions.
Daily Mail - Jan 26, 2021
Princess Diana's dresser Dame Zandra Rhodes has recalled the royal worried about her outfits 'falling open' and being photographed at the...
entertainment.ie - Feb 25, 2021
Even though there’s been a strong wind behind every comic book movie to date, there’s no such thing as a sure thing. Just ask Martin Campbell, the director of
Kent Online - Feb 15, 2021
Miroslav built this igloo in Chatham Carefully chopping ice and snow, he made an igloo in the hope of making neighbours smile. The near-zero conditions are...
The Scottish Sun - Feb 12, 2021
PRINCESS DIANA’S bitter 1992 split from Prince Charles will get the big-screen treatment in new movie Spencer. The flick, now being filmed with Kristen...
Bleeding Cool - Feb 22, 2021
It was one year ago today that Bleeding Cool ran the news. That Dan DiDio, publisher of DC Comics, the man behind the New 52 and the upcoming 5G, was no
CBR - Feb 23, 2021
A new report identifies the DC hero who is being billed as the 'mind-blowing' surprise cameo for the end of Zack Snyder's Justice League on HBO Max.
MovieWeb - Feb 23, 2021
Martian Manhunter Revealed in Zack Snyder's Justice League Preview Comic. Some official artwork for the release of The Snyder Cut reveals Martian...
MovieWeb - Feb 18, 2021
Christopher Reeve returns as ‘Superman’ in order to right the cinematic wrongs of the past and restore ‘The Snyder Cut’.
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